Yineng Jinghan’s better half Harlem uncovered the purpose for the disappointment of the marriage for a considerable length of time: her significant other isn’t a specialist

The 54-year-old entertainer Yi Nengjing and her ex Harlem Yu Chengqing have a 19-year-old child Harry, and later remarried the central area entertainer Qin Hao, who was 10 years more youthful, and brought forth their girl “Xiaomi Di”. In a meeting with Lu Yu as of late, she seldom referenced her marriage with Harlem, and honestly expressed that despite her unique family and complex climate, she resembled snatching a driftwood and put a ton of squeeze on the other party, “He isn’t you. Specialist, for what reason would you say you are treating you?”

Yi Nengjing said that she has encountered 2 relationships, whether marriage can bring individuals a feeling of safety, truth be told, relies upon yourself, “I ought to have a feeling of safety in my past marriage, however I didn’t develop myself well around then, since I’m still in the agony, the aggravation with my family, the absence of compromise with my mom, and the strained state, I don’t have the insight myself.”
Yi Nengjing uncovered that she emerged to work before she was full grown and experienced a complicated climate, so when she met a dependable individual, it resembled snatching a driftwood, trusting that the other party would remove all the aggravation of her unique family. , The disarray about the connection among people in the business is completely settled, “He isn’t your primary care physician, I’m here to go gaga for you and find a spouse, for what reason would it be advisable for me to treat you?”
Yi Nengjing obtusely said that she additionally took part in the production of this climate, and she was unable to let the first family or the media assume the fault. “I should be the main issue in this climate of creation.” She additionally referenced that she had five years of opportunity subsequent to finishing her most memorable marriage. The window time frame has been thinking about himself.

Furthermore, Yi Nengjing likewise said, “There was an excellent discussion this year, I told my child, ‘Your dad is a generally excellent individual’, and my child truly answered, ‘Mother, your life is more enjoyable’, I truly felt overlaid around then. Parts have been dissipated… I feel that I needn’t bother with to be seen now, and I needn’t bother with to be perceived sincerely, and I completely acknowledge that I am a young lady of writing and workmanship.”

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