Yineng Jinghan discusses her ex’s hot hunt to uncover the fundamental justification for marriage disappointment

Yi Nengjing and “Harlem” Yu Chengqing had a marriage, however the two presently have a blissful family. As of late, it has been accounted for on the Web that she was consulted and discussed her past marriage. .

Yi Nengjing wedded Yu Chengqing, who had been dating for quite some time, in 2000, however the marriage finished after just 9 years. There are various purposes behind the separation. She once acknowledged a restrictive meeting with central area have Lu Yu, discussing the disappointment of past relationships. “Alright,” in light of the fact that the aggravation of her local family and the intricacy of media outlets made her unfortunate of feelings.

Thusly, when she met a dependable individual, it resembled snatching a driftwood, trusting that the other party could settle her aggravation for her group of beginning and disarray about the business, however Yi Nengjing likewise had a revelation later: “For what reason would he say he is? It’s not your primary care physician, “I’m here to date you and track down a spouse”, how could he treat you?”

She likewise perceived that she was the main issue in making a strained climate around then, “I can’t allow the first family to bear the fault, the media, and individuals who love me.” She additionally uncovered that she had shared with her child Harry, “Your dad is a great individual.” Little Harry shared with her, “Your life is more enjoyable,” which caused her to feel especially contacted, “I don’t think I really want it now. I’m gotten it, and I don’t require it with the utmost sincerity. I used to attempt to be sensible and claim to be bright, yet presently I have completely acknowledged that I am a youthful scholarly lady.”

Furthermore, this clasp was likewise uncovered by netizens and posted on Weibo. Many individuals likewise understood that “it’s very correct, the couple relationship should be kept up with together isn’t uneven”, “Nobody’s PCP, nobody’s. It is a place of refuge, so you should know how to cherish yourself”, “Truly live so straightforwardly.”

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