Xu Qiaoxin controls Chen Shizhong’s pungent pig hand and Wang Dingyu posted her photograph with Mama Ying-jeou: What sort of hand is this?

[Moment News/Thorough Report] Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin charged the DPP Taipei mayoral applicant Chen Shizhong for expanding “pungent pig hands” to others after the dinner, causing conversation. DPP lawmaker Wang Dingyu posted a photograph of Xu Qiaoxin and Mama Ying-jeou on Facebook prior. In the photograph, Mama Ying-jeou warmly greeted Xu Qiaoxin, yet in addition put his arms around her shoulder. Wang Dingyu likewise asked Xu, “What sort of hand is this?”

Wang Dingyu posted on Facebook: “It’s difficult to expect such individuals not to contort and spread, yet basically the standard is something similar! As a matter of fact, such a gathering photograph is actually nothing, the political position is unique, and there is compelling reason need to contort the understanding, right?”

Because of Xu Qiaoxin’s claims, Chen Shizhong’s mission office expressed that Jiang Wan’an’s group expected to dishonor Chen Shizhong and depended on Aobu to save the political race.

Zhang Minyi, Chief of Pinwheel, likewise left a message under Xu Qiaoxin’s Facebook post, saying that the city hall leader welcomed companions for a party that day. Dr. Li Yaling and Dr. Ding Jincong in the image were both welcomed to go to the gathering. Serve Chen Shizhong reached welcome him toward the finish of the feast. The genuine implication was out of line to Dr. Li, and requested that Xu Qiaoxin stop individual assaults.

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