Ukraine destroys a Russian robot… Destroying is stunned to see the explanation for “Taiwan” uncovered

Ukraine held onto the Russian robot, destroyed seeing the justification behind “Taiwan and was stunned”. (Picture/Recovered from Twitter)

Russia sent off a “unique military activity” against Ukraine on February 24 this year. The conflict has proceeded right up ’til now. Ukraine has oftentimes counterattacked as of late to recover lost ground. One of the chips had the words “Taiwan” (Taiwan) composed on it.

As per the “Radio Free Europe” report, Russia sent off an assault on Ukraine, dispatching countless Iranian-made “Witness-136” (Shahed-136) self destruction drones, and the “Traveler 6” (Mohajer-6) working with it. 6) The robot, which was destroyed and destroyed last month in Mykolaiv, Ukraine’s second biggest port, viewed that the Iranian government utilized as glad for the “local unique” travelers 6 inside no less than 15 Western-made The parts delivered by the maker come from the advancements of in excess of 30 distinct organizations in North America, the European Association, Japan and Taiwan, and the majority of them are made in the US. These incorporate two kinds of “Artix-7” and “Austere 6” chips delivered by the US chip processing plant Xilinx. It was viewed that as the “Simple 6” chip had “Taiwan” composed on it, which ought to be from a Taiwan wafer processing plant. OEM items.

Albeit both the US and the European Association confine homegrown organizations from trading innovation to Iran that can be utilized for military and regular citizen use, the parts inside the robot can’t demonstrate that the maker abused European and American guidelines. These parts are of non military personnel business detail and are promptly accessible in the open market.

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