The 65-year-old male star experienced three strokes and couldn’t deal with himself

Lu Shuming, a central area entertainer who played Guan Gong in the television series “Sentiment of the Three Realms”, tragically died at 66 years old on the first. Before his passing, he discovered that the entertainer Li Jingfei, who played Zhang Fei in a similar show, had experienced three strokes. The specialist, startlingly, moved forward. It was reputed that Li Jingfei didn’t have the foggiest idea about the awful news and could lie in the emergency clinic bed and wheeze for breath, which was miserable.

As indicated by a complete report by Lu Media, 65-year-old Li Jingfei has grew dim of the screen for quite a while. As of late, his wellbeing has become red, he has experienced three strokes, and he can’t deal with himself. With the abrupt passing of Lu Shuming, Li Jingfei’s new circumstance has indeed stood out. As of late, some central area netizens posted a video about Li Jingfei on the social stage PO. They saw him with white hair, thin body, seriously indented cheeks, lying on the clinic bed. He opened his mouth and wheezed, and the captions read “Second Expert is gone, Third Expert is genuinely sick, I ask that Mr. Li Jingfei’s condition is steady, how long might the awful news at any point be kept mystery?”
Netizens were stunned when they saw it, and left a message inquiring: “Is this Zhang Fei? How slim is this?” The first PO answered: “Multiple times of cerebral drain and renal disappointment for fake dialysis.” It additionally uncovered that Li Jingfei’s condition was bad. “Sentiment of the Three Realms” maker Ren Dahui additionally affirmed the occurrence, uncovering: “(Li Jingfei) will most likely be unable to say anything now, he was in Shijiazhuang, when we met in “Sentiment of the Three Realms” previously, it was his girl who pushed the wheelchair with him. At the point when he came, he could basically make proper acquaintance ‘everybody'”.

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