Ouyang Nana’s 8-year relationship history with “him” is uncovered

The 22-year-old well known entertainer Ouyang Nana has as of late moved the focal point of her profession to China. With her exceptional appearance, her adoration life additionally intrigues the rest of the world. It was gotten by the media a couple of days prior that the entertainer Zhai Zilu hauled his gear and remained at Ouyang Nana’s home for around 4 days. During this period, the connection between Zhai Zilu and both of them who went out to take out the trash without garments on, started conversations among netizens. In the a long time since her presentation, Ouyang Nana has likewise spread a great deal of defamation, and netizens likewise took stock individually.

At the point when Ouyang Nana was 14 years of age, she met the 16-year-old entertainer Liu Haoran due to the shooting of the film “Beijing Romantic tale”. figure, so they are frequently called “Northern Ireland CP”.

In “Secret Natural product”, Chen Feiyu, the child of notable chief Chen Kaige, likewise showed up. The two have additionally been supposed to have an unsanctioned romance for a long time. Afterward, it was likewise detailed that Ouyang Nana had a spat with her companion Qi Meihe along these lines, however later Ouyang Nana was captured shopping with Qi Meihe, which might have been accommodated.

Ouyang Nana additionally takes part in an extramarital entanglements with Fan Bingbing’s more youthful sibling Fan Chengcheng. Since Ouyang Nana’s epithet is “Nabi”, and netizens found that Fan Chengcheng has butterfly tattoos on her body, and “butterfly” and “Nabi” in Korean are homophonic, so the two were considered to take part in an extramarital entanglements. However, it was subsequently denied by the man’s organization.

Ouyang Nana has additionally been reputed to have a similar pack with entertainer Wu Lei, and in light of the fact that she and TFBoys part Wang Yuan wear a similar coat, neckband and utilize a similar guitar, however the different sides call one another “siblings”. Presently Ouyang Nana and Zhai Zilu are reputed to be infatuated. Some netizens said that the two were viewed as connecting and close during the recording of the MV. Presently the outrage has spread, which likewise makes netizens more inquisitive about Ouyang Nana’s sentiments.

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