Not a stroke! Ringer’s paralysis, she can’t wash her mouth with water

35-year-old Ms. Huang, who is feeling the squeeze, can’t rest soundly around evening time. At the point when she got up one morning to flush her mouth, she found that her mouth couldn’t contain water, and it would spill out from the edge of her mouth. After the stroke, he went to the trauma center of the clinic and was analyzed as “Chime’s paralysis” by the specialist. As well as taking steroids, he went to the Chinese medication division for needle therapy treatment to further develop course and advance nerve recuperation. The ensuing recuperation was great.

Xu Yizhang, a doctor in the Division of Conventional Chinese Medication of Liuying Chimei Clinic, said that the facial nerve is the seventh sets of cranial nerves and is a blended nerve. Notwithstanding the parasympathetic nerves that control the salivary and lacrimal organs, the taste nerves in the foremost 2/3 of the tongue, and the substantial nerves of the outer hear-able channel, The engine nerves that oversee most facial muscles.

At the point when the facial nerve is deadened, the brow wrinkles and nasolabial folds will vanish and become lighter, and ordinary looks can’t be made. There may likewise be side effects like strange emission of tears and spit, unusual desire for the forward portion of the tongue, and unreasonably touchy hearing.

He said that facial nerve paralysis can be separated into focal and fringe types. The normal fringe facial nerve paralysis is “Ringer’s paralysis”, otherwise called idiopathic facial nerve paralysis. A few researchers accept that it is connected with autoimmunity and unfortunate neighborhood course.

By and large talking, in the initial not many days after the event of Ringer’s paralysis, the facial muscle shortcoming will slowly deteriorate, and the side effects will settle after about seven days, and the greater part of them will begin to work on in the second or third week.

As per measurements, without treatment, around 70% of the patients will recuperate on their own inside 3 to a half year, and over 80% of the patients can be relieved on the off chance that they get treatment. Factors, for example, more extreme facial loss of motion might influence the visualization, and a few patients might have unfortunate recuperation or leave sequelae.

Xu Yizhang said that conventional Chinese medication accepts that facial nerve loss of motion is because of inadequate honesty (opposition) and vacancy of the veins, in addition to outside wind, cold, soddenness, heat and other fiendishness (microorganisms) exploit the lack and block the meridians, making the endlessly face. The qi and blood are impeded, and the muscles and veins are dystrophic, which prompts the deficiency of typical capability of the muscles.

The treatment will zero in on “fortifying the honorableness”, “eliminating pathogenic factors”, and “digging the meridians and securities”. Taking into account the patient’s constitution, the kind of pathogenic variables and the level of impediment of the neighborhood meridians and guarantees, needle therapy and moxibustion are frequently utilized, and various sorts of Chinese meds are utilized to reinforce the treatment. therapeudic impact.

He expressed that in the needle therapy treatment of facial nerve loss of motion, the Yangming meridian is for the most part the principal treatment, which further develops course, loosens up close sash, and advances nerve recuperation. The prior needle therapy interventional treatment is played out, the visualization will be improved and the sequelae will be decreased.

He reminded that patients with Chime’s paralysis, home medical services is additionally vital, particularly eye care. After the beginning of the illness, the eyelids are not shut as expected, and the tears are effectively dissipated, bringing about dry eyeballs, irritation and, surprisingly, corneal ulcers. Counterfeit tears can be utilized, and clean cloth can be utilized to cover them while resting around evening time. Eye.

Xu Yizhang said that it is normally important to abstain from blowing and cold on the impacted side, fitting intensity pack and back rub to further develop flow, and simultaneously to practice the muscles of articulation more to acquire palatable corrective impact.

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