Nobody in the Kuomintang helped Lin Gengren? Zhu Lilun invalidated: Hou Youyi and Mama Ying-jeou will go there

[Correspondent Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] KMT Hsinchu mayoral competitor Lin Gengren went to the foundation of previous Kaohsiung city chairman Han Guoyu yesterday, and, surprisingly, stifled with energy for some time. Kuomintang Executive Zhu Lilun was inquired as to whether there is nobody in the party helping Lin, and Zhu asked, isn’t the entire party helping Lin? Then, New Taipei City chairman Hou Youyi and previous President Mama Ying-jeou will likewise help.

Zhu Lilun went to the debut meeting of Taipei City Councilor Hsu Hung-chime’s mission base camp this evening. Before the gathering, he was found out if the Kuomintang had nobody to help Lin Gengren. That’s what zhu heard, isn’t the entire party helping Lin? Lin Gengren played ground and air battle in a sensible way this time. The customary gathering was simply held in Hsinchu. Recently, Han Guo Yu additionally went to help him. Then, Hou Youyi and Mama Ying-jeou will help him.

The media likewise asked Zhu Lilun his thought process of the non-party Taipei mayoral up-and-comer Huang Shanshan riding a bike the entire day, duplicating the Ke Wenzhe model of Taipei City. Zhu said, continue to support any game.

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