More subtleties of the rush mishap in Itaewon uncovered that the primary cops showed up at the scene 85 minutes after the fact

[Zhang Cuilan/Extensive Unfamiliar News] An enormous scope charge happened in the “Itaewon” region where there are numerous clubs in Seoul, South Korea, toward the finish of last month, bringing about 156 passings. , 85 minutes, or 1 hour and 25 minutes, have passed since the police gotten the principal call to report that evening to the appearance of the main cops at the scene.

Yonhap News Organization covered November 6 that the resistance Progressive faction delivered the data given by the Seoul Metropolitan Police Organization (SMPA), showing that the evening of the rush in Itaewon, the police sent a sum of 5 groups to the scene to protect, yet they were as yet unfit to do as such in time. Save all the more valuable lives.

The “112” crisis hotline of the South Korean police got the main call at 22:15 the evening of the occurrence on October 29. Lee Im Jae, the head of Yongsan Police, which covers Itaewon, dispatched 5 groups. Nonetheless, the main group showed up at the scene at 23:40, and that implies 1 hour and 25 minutes in the wake of getting the report.

The other four groups showed up in a steady progression, showing up at the scene from 23:50 to 1:14 the following morning.

Then again, Li Linzai showed up at the branch in Itaewon at 23:05 to find out about the fiasco, 50 minutes after the primary call.

The overseer of the Seoul Metropolitan Police Organization, Kim Kwang-ho, additionally deferred until 23:36 to hear Li Lim-jae’s report, which made the top police leader unfit to understand the reality of the unfortunate circumstance for over 60 minutes.

As per a new report by South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo, the evening of the mishap, the Yongsan Police headquarters left a status report that “the chief began telling the scene around 22:20 pm”. Nonetheless, the free examination group brought up that at the hour of the occurrence, there was a weighty gridlock close to Itaewon, and Li Linzai demanded taking his own vehicle, so he deferred showing up at the scene.

As per the information, Li Linzai ate at a neighborhood eatery with authorities from a similar office, and showed up at the metro Lvshaping Station at 22:00; the station was just a 10-minute stroll from the site of the mishap in Itaewon. Be that as it may, to adapt to street clog, Li’s vehicle took a diversion from the tram station and didn’t show up at the roads close to the Itaewon branch until 22:55 to 23:01.

Li Linzai has now been suspended for examination.

Moreover, police data likewise shows that at 0:11 am on October 30, the specialists dispatched a sum of 8 vigilantes to help; their job is to help the police in doing different undertakings, for example, watching.

The main vigilante group showed up at 0:50, the other seven groups showed up consistently, lastly showed up at the scene at 1:12.

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