Kaohsiung New Station 3 days and 2 car crashes, train and pickup impact head-on

Kaohsiung Station East Street was finished and opened to traffic on October 29, yet on the third of this current month, just a rider thought that he had been redirected to the left and was hit by a back vehicle and his right hand was broken. Street, crashed into an approaching truck, and the knight’s left leg was broken and shipped off the clinic.

Sanmin First Branch Chief Ming Suo was accounted for at 6:5 a.m. on the fifth. At the point when a 59-year-old surnamed Sun was driving along Zhongshan first Street to Jianguo third convergence, he was dubious of new street conditions and rode straightforwardly to Zhanxi Street. The youthful traveler, Zhang Nan, impacted, and the knight surnamed Sun was thumped to the ground. Luckily, he had the option to get up all alone and was cognizant and was not dangerous, however his left leg was broken. , the entire case is studied and planned as per the guidelines, the reason for the mishap and the obligation are to be additionally explained by the police.

Police helped that Zhandong Street to remember Kaohsiung Rail line Station was recently opened. Zhanxi Street and Zhandong Street were individually arranged as north-south roads that goes only one direction. It is illegal to take a left on Zhongshan first Street to enter Zhanxi Street. Signs, signs to drive and traffic light faculty directions.

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