Enter the Chatbot

Since its commencement, Khmer Times has been at the bleeding edge of embracing innovation. We attempt to make it more straightforward for our perusers, whether in Cambodia or abroad, to gain admittance to letting it be known inclusion from the realm. We have continually developed, from ceaselessly refashioning our site, making new applications to convey our substance, and giving our everyday email digests. Furthermore, presently we’re presenting the ‘Chatbot’.

With the rising take-up of Computerized reasoning (artificial intelligence) as well as the development of a Web of Things biological system, innovation has – generally speaking – made life simpler.

Last year, Google appeared another component of its Google Right hand – part of its Duplex computer based intelligence framework – which can book a reservation through the telephone and by impersonating human discourse. The human on the opposite stopping point could never have thought in any case.

Need your milk beating up in the cooler? Allow your savvy cooler to arrange you more while it’s running short. Need to figure out the distance among Sydney and London? Ask Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri to find the solution to the closest meter.

Man-made intelligence prepared applications can perceive whether that is Deborah or Sarah in your image, can keep your email inbox sans spam, and smother charge card fraudsters.

While, the mass rollout of such a framework is still past most, a Chatbot can offer clients a helpful approach to communicating with sites and applications without the need of a human mediator.

Chatbots were worked to save time. Gartner, a main data innovation exploration and warning organization, predicts that north of 85% of client cooperations will be taken care of without a human by 2020.

Khmer Times comprehends this well and to that end we are satisfied to present to our perusers our most up to date offering – the Khmer Times Chatbot.

Available through Facebook, Khmer Times’ Chatbot will permit perusers to be informed through making it known alarms, as well as access our store of articles. We will keep the Chatbot refreshed and will keep on carrying out new elements and administrations as and when they become accessible.

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