“Conquering the Thistles 2” is a gathering! Su Youpeng brought home the title and gagged: I thought there was no possibility to get back to the stage

Su Youpeng brought home the title of the second time of “Sibling Who Defeated Strength”, and netizens adulated it. (Picture/flip from Weibo)

Known as the male variant of “Sister Riding the Breeze and Waves”, the second time of “Sibling Who Defeated Strength” accumulated 32 male stars to battle. Since its true send off in August, it has caused a great deal of themes. In the finals the previous night, 17 groups will be chosen. The yearly title was won by 48-year-old Su Youpeng, which caused a warmed conversation.

The last rundown of “Sibling Who Conquered Sturdiness” was uncovered, comprising of Su Youpeng, Chen Xiaochun, Zhang Zhilin, Li Chengxuan, Zhang Yunlong, Wilber Container, Ren Xianqi, Du Dewei, Zhang Zhenyue, Xin (Su Jianxin), Zheng Jun, Lin Feng, Wu Jianhao, Wu Kequn, Zhou Baihao, Fan Shiqi, ICE Yang Changqing shaped a gathering of 17 individuals.

Su Youpeng, who brought home the title, astonished netizens toward the start of the opposition in view of his “frozen age” appearance. Combined with his diligent and humble character, he was commended each time he performed. Subsequent to bringing home the title, he stifled with tears in his eyes and said, “I figured I couldn’t have ever an opportunity to get back to the singing and moving stage. I didn’t cry, I would have rather not cried.” The stage, give me certification, thank you everybody.”

Netizens additionally commended the outcome merited: “Congrats to Sibling Youpeng, he is definitely worth the effort”, “Who is it in the event that you don’t give it to Su Youpeng!”

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