Chen Shizhong was blamed for pungent pig’s hand, four-forked feline with ten fingers, and Zhu Lilun snickered and said: Xianzhu’s hand

[Moment News/Complete Report] Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin charged the DPP Taipei mayoral competitor Chen Shizhong on the night of the sixth, and was censured by varying backgrounds after the dinner. “Fork Feline” PO took a gathering photograph with Kuomintang Party Executive Zhu Lilun’s fingers caught together, and netizens giggled when they saw the photograph.

Liu Yu posted a photograph on Facebook PO. You can see that the photograph is of Liu Yu and Zhu Lilun. Albeit the two of them are wearing veils, assuming you look carefully, you will observe that Liu Yu and Zhu Lilun are catching their fingers together and grinning. , Liu Yu said in the post, “I heard that the catchphrase this evening is: ‘Ten fingers caught’ + ‘Xianzhu hand’.”

Subsequent to seeing the post, netizens remarked, “Xianzhu hand or do you detest Zhu hand?”, “You really changed your taste, what might be said about the shaggy bear you said”, “Hello! Relinquish our feline”, “For what reason didn’t you hold it?” “Han switchboard”, “The goddess has a blissful maxim”, “With regards to catching your fingers, remember our Mrs. Han Dao”.

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