Chen Shizhong was blamed for pungent pig hand Zhu Lilun: Perhaps he drank excessively, and he was unequipped for drinking

[Correspondent Lin Xinhan/New Taipei Report] Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin posted on Facebook on the sixth various photographs of DPP Taipei mayoral competitor Chen Shizhong’s dinner, saying that Chen Shizhong was fastened with a lady’s fingers, suggesting that Chen Shizhong’s “pungent pig’s hand” “. In a meeting today, Kuomintang Administrator Zhu Lilun said that he might have tipsy to an extreme, and the priest will be unable to drink enough, so he should be driven and upheld by others.

Zhu Lilun said that everybody has a profound impact on Chen Shizhong. He frequently goes to numerous meals. The last key to the political decision is that he actually goes to the supper. He might have additional time, and his activities might be drinking excessively.” The clergyman might be unequipped for drinking and should be driven and upheld by others, so I believe it’s smarter to be somewhat more controlled.”

At the point when asked by the media, the rest of the world accepted that the DPP’s evaluation of the Taipei mayoral up-and-comer Chiang Wan-a would take areas of strength for an and leave the governing body somewhat recently before the political decision. Accordingly, Zhu Lilun said that he heard that every one of the administrators of the DPP are presumably prepared. The party likewise needs to break the boat and all need to leave the assembly. Have confidence, the Kuomintang likewise has such an assurance and should go full scale.

Toward the beginning of today, Zhu Lilun visited the political race central command of party individuals, for example, New Taipei City Councilor applicants Wu Xunxiao, Wang Weiyuan, Dai Xiangyi, Lv Jiakai, Liao Xianxiang, and so on, to support the new age of up-and-comers. The main stop came to Wu Xunxiao’s triple rivalry. Zhu Lilun applauded Wu Xunxiao’s ability. He should keep on really buckling down bit by bit, strive to serve the grassroots, and was chosen with high votes.

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