Chen Shizhong, the head supervisor of the opposition, supported the opposition of Aobu Jiang Wanan: the way that singing, drinking and clasping hands can’t be concealed

[Correspondent Cai Sipei/Taipei Report] Kuomintang Taipei City Councilor Xu Qiaoxin posted various photographs of DPP Taipei mayoral competitor Chen Shizhong on Facebook the previous evening, alluding to Chen Shizhong’s “fingers fastened” to one of the ladies, Chen Shizhong’s mission office censured Jiang Wanan’s group yesterday Take a gander at the image to recount the story, and reprimand the utilization of Aobu to save the political decision. Jiang Wan’an’s mission office expressed that he didn’t raise a big ruckus over this, hauled others to move the concentration, and couldn’t conceal the way that Chen Shizhong sang, drank, and clasped hands.

Concerning Shizhong Jing’s allegation that Jiang Wan’an’s group took a gander at pictures to recount stories, Jiang Wan’an’s crusade office said before the end of last night that they were likewise extremely inquisitive about who took these photographs? Assuming that it was taken by paparazzi, for what reason wasn’t it distributed? What sort of tension did these words and photographs go under, so somebody could toss them out of resentment? Jiang Boycott said that the DPP doesn’t necessarily value regarding the media and the right to speak freely of discourse. How is it that there could be photographs taken by the media that are not utilized, yet would prefer to be spilled and transformed into “commitments”. The story behind it very well might appal.

Jiang Boycott likewise underlined that the obligation of Jiang Wan’an’s group isn’t to make sense of whether there are any of these things, and Jiang Wan’an’s office didn’t utilize it to raise a major ruckus. Jiang Boycott additionally scrutinized Chen Shizhong’s opposition. By hauling others to redirect the concentration, he was unable to conceal the way that Chen Shizhong sang, drank, and clasped hands.

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