Cai Qichang’s “attendant spouse” assists the political decision with encountering the privileged insights of the bed

[Journalist Zhang Ruizhen/Taichung report] The mayoral political decision has entered the last stage. She once filled in as a “attendant” however doesn’t frequently show up in broad daylight places. Cai Qichang’s better half Huang Yuting, the mayoral applicant of the Majority rule Moderate Party Taichung, today (fifth) assumed the part of “spoiler”. Joined by non-party administrator Huang Guoshu and others, she went to the public Jianguo market in the east region of Zhongshi to petition God for votes. She, who isn’t great at words, likewise uncovered her exclusive issues with Cai Qichang. She said that Cai Qichang talked in his rest consistently, enthusiastic, as though he was still In the discourse crusade, she was frequently stirred, yet she was likewise very hesitant to surrender, which is the reason she was able to stand up and be a “delegate” to help the political decision.

Cai Qichang and Huang Yuting wedded in 2005. She is tall and tall. She used to be an airline steward in the wake of moving on from school. Today, she is wearing pants and a light dress, joined by Huang Guoshu, parliamentary competitor Zheng Gongjin, Jiang Zhaoguo, He Kunlin, Chen Yahui and others, to the entire Taiwan The biggest public market-Jianguo Market revered tickets, and the sellers likewise energetically welcomed and warmly greeted her. This was additionally whenever she first upheld her better half in this mayoral political race.

Huang Yuting said that she was the girl of the market (the girl of Jianguo Market), and her grandma was a slow down dealer at Jianguo Market. She resigned in 2000. She frequently went to Jianguo Market when she was exceptionally youthful (the Jianguo Market had not been moved around then. Old Jianguo Market), and presently coming to Jianguo Market is like getting back to grandmother’s home.

She likewise expressed that during this time, Cai Qichang was extremely hard, and consistently she “consumed” the ticket. She would cook some medical care items for Cai Qichang. Cai Qichang frequently talked in his rest in his rest. ) On the event of the discourse, what I heard was energetic to such an extent that I was awakened by him.” She assisted her better half with picking, “simply assist him with sharing a little (the schedule).”

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