25-year-old Taiwanese champion Zeng Shengguang laments the passing of his Ukrainian sister: I couldn’t say whether it’s a virus shudder or a shaking with dread

25-year-old Taiwanese worker Zeng Shengguang, who went to battle in Ukraine in September this year, passed on fighting on Wednesday (second). Sister Zeng Shengguang was accounted for, and she composed tragically on Facebook, “I couldn’t say whether I’m shuddering with cold or shaking with dread”, uncovering that she is now helping her mom in taking care of her sibling’s memorial service. The Service of International concerns of my nation said today (fifth) that it will give all help to the relatives.

Zeng Shengguang, an Amis youth from Hualien who just turned 25, had served in the military for a very long time. After the conflict among Russia and Ukraine, he joined the rifle unit of the ground powers of the Ukrainian Carpathian Sich Military toward the beginning of September this year. A netizen reached him a couple of days prior and got some information about the treatment in Ukraine, the death rate, and so forth. He -answered: “Frankly, I -don’t know if I can be so fortunate -without fail. I’m apprehensive when I hear the sound of weapons in rest around evening time, and I never understand what the following second will be. It won’t hit your home straightforwardly.” Startlingly, there was insight about his awful passing last evening.

Zeng Shengguang’s significant other uncovered that the last time he spoke with Zeng was on the 23rd of last month, since he needed to play out a 5-day mission and reaching him was badly designed. I desire to go to Ukraine with Zeng Shengguang’s sister and mom to see Zeng Shengguang once and for all.

In the wake of learning the terrible news yesterday, Sister Zeng Shengguang additionally recorded on Facebook: “I couldn’t say whether I’m shaking with cold or shudder with dread.” Mother.

In such manner, the Service of International concerns additionally expressed today that it appends extraordinary significance to the episode of Zeng Shengguang. After the episode, it has directed get line check through important workplaces and different channels, and reached the relatives to communicate the public authority’s anxiety. Assuming there is further affirmation The Service of International concerns will promptly make sense of the news and give the family all essential help.

As per the “Focal News Organization” report, Oleksandr Merezhko, administrator of the International concerns Council of the Ukrainian Congress and executive of the Taiwan Companionship Gathering, brought up that he has talked about with his partners how to give help to Zeng Shengguang’s family after three individuals from Zeng Shengguang’s family show up in Ukraine. Shengguang offered his appreciation, “Thank you to Zeng Shengguang who gave his all to save, support and protect Ukraine, as our safeguard and divine messenger.”

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