Style Beef Salad


Hamburger – 250g
Lemongrass-3 sticks
Long beans – 200g
Green Tomatoes – 300g
Cucumber – 200g
Red Bean stew – 1 little
Red Onion – 100g
Lime – 3 little
Salt – squeeze
Sugar – 2 tsp
Stock – 1 tsp
Fish Sauce) – 1 tbsp

This week we are back to the Khmer works of art, here is an extraordinary lunch dish, Hamburger Salad… made with gently cooked meat and a few exemplary Cambodian vegetables.

Cleave vegetables (lemongrass, red onion, red stew, lime, green beans, green tomatoes, cucumbers)
Cut hamburger into extremely meager cuts
Add lime to hamburger
Add salt, sugar, stock and fish sauce
Blend, add to skillet and cook briefly
Pour the meat over cut vegetables and mix well

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