Seared Pumpkin

Pork – 200g
Pumpkin – 500g
Eggs – 4
Garlicx 3 cloves
Spring Onion – 3 twigs
Salt – squeeze
MSG – squeeze
Sugar-2 tsp
Stock – 1 tsp
First up this week is a simple Khmer dish utilizing Pumpkins.. The dealers at my market letting me know no one is purchasing these in Cambodia this moment, so its a great opportunity to proceed to get them while they are modest and support nearby produce!

Strip and hack pumpkin
Hack garlic and spring onion
Heat dish and add oil then, at that point, add spring onion
Add pumpkin and – season with salt-sugar and stock
Add some water, clam sauce
Straighten pumpkin and add eggs
Mix over heat until flavors joined

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